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Full Potential

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A note from the author

Best Practices For Individual Use

The first and most important thing is that you make the commitment to yourself to go through the full guidebook. Vekita Full Potential will set you up for a lifetime of success and fulfilment. Knowing the foundation of who you are also allows for quick adaptability if the workforce shifts or you have a lifestyle change. Investing in yourself is the best possible investment you can make.

Vekita Full Potential is broken down into hour long weekly activities - schedule time on your calendar to go through the guidebook. Self reflection can be difficult. If you ever get stuck on an activity take a break, move on to the next activity and then circle back when you are ready. This is your experience to design how you want to.

We recommend going through this guidebook is with a group of friends, co-workers, family, or in a bookclub. People who have done it that way have found it to be a bonding experience that deepens what you learn. It is also a great way to increase accountability, as self-reflection can be challenging. There are many benefits to forming a group where you get to go through this life enhancing journey together.

Additionally, Vekita has a curated a list of career coaches if you want to go through the guidebook with support. Feel free to contact us at info@vekitapd.com

Best Practices For Career and Life Coaches

Vekita Full Potential is the most comprehensive guidebook on the market. It ties together all of the segmented resources currently available. We recommend your clients purchasing a copy of Vekita Full Potential to go through the activities between your sessions. That will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into the teachings and customise your sessions , offering immense value to your clients.

Interested in being on our list of coaches we refer? We would love to have you as a resource for individuals and it is important to note that we do an intensive screening to make sure we refer only the best coaches for individuals looking for support. Contact us at: info@vekitapd.com

Best Practices For Graduate/Undergraduate College Classes

We recommend utilizing Vekita Full Potential as the foundation for designing a class; where the guidebook is used as a textbook. Full Potential is broken up into weekly activities that fit into a semester for you to use with ease and flexibility to be able to deliver a class how you feel fit for your students.

Other ways of use:

- As an individual resource in your career center

- Student led groups

- A gift for new students from the office of student life

Best Practices For Corporations

The benefits of having your employees go through Vekita Full Potential is that you will in turn gain higher employee engagement, increase interpersonal awareness, adjust alignment of current role for optimization, re-energized about the work they are doing, and a higher retention rate. This guidebook can be used as a team building tool and strengthen the bonds between teammates. We recommend having a facilitator help set up a structure for teams to go through the guidebook.

Vekita Full Potential is also a powerful and cost effective gift that supports interns, who are at the beginning of their work journey. The gift of understanding the foundation of who you are and what you like to do can be one of the most profound things one can do to set themselves up for continued life success. It is not only valuable to the individual, but also for our society and workforce. Giving this gift will leave a positive lasting impression about the time spent at the company, making people feel valued and at the same time setting them up for continued success.

We also offer guidebook customization for an additional price and minimum order. Vekita Full Potential is a great customized corporate gift for conferences, events, employees, and partnerships.

Click HERE to submit for customization requests.