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The guidebook is set to be released in September of 2019. 

“Full Potential is a brilliant, engaging guide to one of the deepest questions we can ask: What is my purpose, and how can I fulfill it? Travel with author Nicole on this journey full of inspiration, insight, and guidance to help you discover your full potential."

Dacher Keltner
Founder and Faculty Director, Greater Good Science Center 
Professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley

Are you uncertain about what you want to do with your career and life? 
Do you ever feel stuck or unclear about your direction? 
Are you not sure if you are in the right job or wanting to switch positions? 
Do you wonder if you are using your skills and interests in the best way possible with your current major or career? 
Do you want to deepen the core understanding of who you are and live more authentically?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and if you want to start living your full potential, this guidebook is for you! Discover your unique gifts, choose career and life choices that are in alignment with who you are and engage in practices to create new habits to keep you on track. You are not alone in this journey. The majority of people question whether or not they are using their talents in the best way possible.

- The Conference Board reports that 53% of Americans are currently unhappy at work...consider that for a second half of the workforce is unhappy.

- A Gallup study concluded that 71% of Americans aren’t engaged at their jobs.

- Ignite reported 95% of workers are in the wrong roles.

- Seven in 10 adults report that workplace stress affects their personal relationships.

Full Potential is a framework for getting clear on the key elements that makes you who you are and the life you want to create.

This guidebook is a game changer from everything else out there. It is not a book where you read about who you are, it is all interactive or introspective. Full Potential has a well rounded approach incorporating all the pieces essential for identifying the best career choice for you, such as discovering your ideal company culture to how you want to feel to skills to tips from HR professionals for transitioning careers.

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