Nicole Serena Silver


Nicole Serena Silver has always had a knack for finding holes in systems. She looks at a situation, takes everything into consideration, and creates a whole approach to a solution. Her own struggles with finding her passion and calling motivated her to help others. She knew a solution was needed to address the biggest question we all face, "What do I want to do with my life?" It had to be a solution that was congruent with all the intricate parts of what makes us who we are, the lifestyle we want to create and how our choices impact relationships in our lives.

Nicole decided to start a nonprofit,, which trains educators to deliver a curriculum that empowers youth to design their lives with tools that foster self discovery. For the past decade Nicole has been submerged in researching and developing curriculum that is related to uncovering the intricate parts of who we are and career/life tools. After many years of adults asking if she had any resources available for them to help them discover their career and life path, she decided to write Full Potential.

Nicole is a multidisciplinary strategist, with an accomplished track record in roles involving trust-based relationships, leading entrepreneurial vision into implementation and advancing individuals success with career goals. Nicole is a successful entrepreneur, business consultant and educator. She has led workshops for fortune 500 companies, taught internationally and has been hired to advise numerous startups.